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                Anhui Tianda Plastic Compound Products Co. Ltd., manufacturing all kinds of plastic packaging and engineering plastic products, has now become one of the most powerful plastic packaging and home appliances supporting enterprises. its products are widely applied in large petrochemical and chemical industry as well as home appliances enterprises such as Haier and GREE. The company’s products are also exported to the USA, Canada, South America, West Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia and other countries and regions. 

                Anhui Tianda Plastic Compound Products Co. Ltd.’s Projects of 65,000 metric ton per year plastic compound bags and 10,000 metric ton per year FFS heavy-duty packing films 


                With the most advanced extruder lines from Barmag of Germany, compound lines from lenzing of Austria, printing , welding & cutting machine from Japan, production line for gravure colorful printing, more than 400 six-shuttle and eight-shuttle high speed circular looms,  gusset machine.has the capacity of 45 million pieces, 65 thousand plastic products one month. mainly produce container bags, woven bags, shopping bags, two in one laminated bags, three in one compound bags, colorful film bags, PE film bags, .etc

                 In order to increase products’ added value and enrich product categories, our company has imported two automatic FFS packing film lines from Italy with an annual output of 10,000 metric tons FFS heavy-duty packing film.
                Anhui Tianda Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.’s Project of 40,000 metric ton per year polypropylene
                The polypropylene project was put into operation in October 2011 and Anhui Tianda Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. was formally registered on October 16th, 2012 with a registered.

                Anhui Tianda Changyun Plastics Co. Ltd.’s 2 million units engineering plastic project
                 In possession of Japan’s Toshiba and Mitsubishi and Germany’s Krauss-Maffei injection molding machines of advanced world level, our company is a backbone enterprise specializing in the manufacture of parts for air-conditioners and other home appliances. We sell shells for air-conditioners and TV sets, axial-flow fans and cross-flow fans for air-conditioners and the like to domestic and foreign well-known home appliance enterprises such as Haier, GREE, Midea and Carrier.
                Anhui Tianda Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Project of 6 million four-way directional control valves and 1 million heat exchangers per year
                Our company has imported top-ranking automatic welder, automatic assemblyline, high precision wing piece punching machine, tube expander, Germany CNC detection system and Alcatel High precision detection system from Germany, Japan and France. We sell four-way directional control valves for heat pump air-conditioners, electromagnetic heat recovery valves, heat exchangers for air-conditioners and the like to domestic and foreign well-known home appliance enterprises such as Haier, GREE, Midea and Carrier.
                Anhui Tianda Mould Co., Ltd.’s Project of 350 sets plastic moulds per year
                 We attach great importance to the application of hi-tech means since the establishment of the company. Therefore, we have imported top international precise mould processing equipments such as Japan’s trilinear coordinates measuring instrument and precise NCSEDMs & precise CNC wire-cut machines from Germany’s DMG, Haas Machining Center in US and Switzerland’s Agie Charmilles. We have designed and manufactured various precise plastic moulds for a large number of domestic and foreign home appliance and automobile manufacturing enterprises, for instance, Haier, Midea, GM, Yapp and JAC. Our company has won favorable comments from dozens of customers home and abroad thanks to our high quality, short delivery period and perfect after-sales service. We pay great attention to scientific management, technical innovation and talents cultivation, so that we have invited experts from Germany and Japan to deliver speeches on international advanced high speed machining and mould design and making technology. Exchange activities with other domestic and foreign companies and specialists are also organized to enable Anhui Tianda Mould Company to keep up with the development of top international mould design and making technology.   


                Anhui Tianda Group Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 皖ICP备10200310号