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                Advanced Copper Products
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                Located at No.6 Yongyang Road, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Chuzhou, P.R.China, Anhui Tianda Copper Corporation Limited  is a company entity invested by Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. 

                Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. seizes the opportunity of industry restructuring and upgrading to invest RMB 2 billion in the project of 150,000 metric ton per year advanced electromagnetic wires during twelfth five-year. The project is divided into two stages. The first stage engineering is designed with an annual output of 100,000 metric tons of copper products and 50,000 metric tons of advanced copper wires, mainly supplying electric and electrical appliance companies as well as electromagnetic wire factories. The second stage engineering, being the follow-up fine machining work, produces mainly special electromagnetic wires, including electronic wires, special wires for new energy automobiles, wires for wind power generation devices and wires for aerospace equipments. We will build a Research and Development Center as well. 

                The first stage engineering bears an investment amounting to RMB 1 billion. In this stage, we have imported a CONTIROD Line from Germany’s SMS Meer, the world’s largest manufacturer of metallurgical equipments and a twin wires Rod Breakdown machine from Niehoff also in Germany. The Project has been under construction from September, 2013 and will be put into operation in the beginning of the year 2015.

                 Anhui Tianda Copper Corporation Limited will strive to be China’s top copper processing enterprise driven by high quality and broad market while keeping professional operation, seizing global opportunity and embracing the development trend of global copper industry. 
                Anhui Tianda Group Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 皖ICP备10200310号