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                To attract, employ, explore and cultivate talents to promote our enterprise's sustainable development and strengthen the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
                Basic Thought:
                Respect knowledge, respect talents

                Strengthen the incentive mechanism and develop team spirit to enhance corporate cohesiveness.

                Inspire employee enthusiasm and respect their career objectives, to achieve the integration and unification of enterprise development and staff development for joint progress.

                Develop human resource profoundly to improve the overall quality of staff.

                Philosophy of employing: Respect, cultivate and train employees to enable each employee to do his best to be competent for position.
                Three methods of talent development
                The first is to hold lectures in and out of our company, sharing necessary knowledge and skills with staff by course teaching while carrying out effective practice.

                The second is to instruct. The employees' department manager must be their tutor, who is required to instruct the employees in different ways according to their performance.

                The third is to exercise in one's post. It is of great importance to assign appropriate tasks to employees. We encourage employees to find out problems from a different perspective and solve them effectively by constantly adjusting positions to achieve mastery.
                Career planning for staff
                Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. provides all employees with dual career paths for administrative staff and professional personnel. Employees are free to design their own career paths considering their own characteristics and developments. Furthermore, they are able to achieve their career plans gradually through constantly improving their work capacity.


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