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                Company Profile
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                Anhui Tianda Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. is a company entity which focuses on manufacturing. After 40 years steady development, our company has become a large enterprise group which covers the manufacturing of plastic products, special steel tubes, advanced copper products, biotechnology, expressway, mining industry and business property. It currently employs more than 4000 employees.       
                Anhui Tianda Plastic Compound Products Co. Ltd., manufacturing all kinds of plastic packaging and engineering plastic products, has now become one of the most powerful plastic packaging and home appliance supporting enterprise. its products are widely applied in large petrochemical and chemical industry as well as home appliances enterpriAnhui Tianda Plastic Compound Products Co. Ltd. mainly produces various kinds of plastic packaging and engineering plastic. With an annual output of approx. 40,000 tons, its products are widely applied in large petrochemical industry, chemical industry as well as some famous home appliances enterprises from home and abroad.
                With an annual output of 150,000 tons advanced copper material, Anhui Tianda Copper Co.,Ltd. is devoted to provide electric power factories with supporting services.
                General Biosystems (Anhui) Corporation Limited, which is mainly engaged in gene synthesis and biological products, is jointly founded by General Biosystems, Inc. U.S.
                Anhui Tianyang Expressway Development Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by Anhui Tianda Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. and Anhui Chuning Expressway Development Co., Ltd. With a total investment of RMB 3.3 billion, it mainly engages in the construction and operation of Suzhou-Yangzhou Expressway.
                Anhui Putianrui New Material Co., Ltd., which is a mining enterprise, has a large-scale mine which is ready for exploitation. It mainly produces building stones and its annual output will reach approx. 10 million tons.
                The Group emphasizes on the introduction and application of world advanced technology and management philosophy, exploitation and development of international market, training of talents as well as cultivation of enterprise culture. Therefore, a loyal, dedicated and precise team has been established which ensured a sustainable and stable development for the Group in the past 40 years. The Group has always attached importance to the import and development of advanced technology, so that every company entity is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment among domestic and foreign industries.
                The Group pays attention to undertaking its social responsibility, actively participating in social charity activities while doing well in employment and wealth creation. We have donated tens of millions for public welfare undertakings such as education, charity,etc.
                With a solid foundation laid for diverse development and specialized operation during the Twelfth Five Year Development Plan, the Group will seize the opportunity of combining information technology with industry and services and the rapid development of biotechnology in the coming Thirteenth Five Year Plan to carry out international cooperation and reorganize enterprise so that we can strengthen and expand the existing industries, create value and contribute to society.

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