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                Thank you for all your care and support! Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. is a company entity dedicating to manufacturing. Serving the country through industrial development is our long-cherished wish, while creating nicety and innovating the future is our historical mission!

                In the past 40 years, we have participated in China’s reform and opening up, practiced in the development of China's private economy, and underwent the fierce market competition at home and abroad as well. We have developed from a small factory into a large enterprise group step by step and survived and expanded in cut-throat competitions. We are gratified at the result of all our entities being in the lead in the industry home and abroad. We have solved the problem of employment for tens of thousands people and created billions of social wealth bearing the social responsibility entrusted to us.

                Learning from the past to embrace the future, we still have a long way to go. We regard the experiences and lessons in the past 40 years as the beacon to guide us forward. We will seize the  opportunity of information technology’s effect on the restructuring and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to be greater and stronger and live up to the expectations of society!

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