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                Other investment
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                Anhui Tianyang Expressway Development Co., Ltd
                Anhui Tianyang Expressway Development Co., Ltd is a joint venture invested by Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Chu-Ning Expressway Development Co., Ltd. in 2012. Our company is responsible for building and operating the Tianchang segment of Su-Yang Expressway with a total length of 56.815 km. The whole line sets up 5 interchange. The project begins in November 2013 and will be finished in 3 years, with a total investment of RMB 3.3 billion.

                Anhui Putianrui Material Technology Co., Ltd
                Anhui Putianrui Material Technology Co., Ltd is a mine enterprise, which owns a major mine located near the Yangtze River, in east of Anhui Province Dongzhi county. The mine is abundant of building stone with convenient traffic, and the annual output is 10 million tons.

                Anhui Tian Cheng estate development Co., Ltd
                Anhui Tian Cheng estate development co., LTD was invested by Anhui Tian Da Enterprise(Group)co., LTD in 2008, and was engaged in commerical estate development.Tian Fa plaza built in 2008 was a large urban complex project containing catering, entertainment, shopping and High-Grade Residential Area, the investment volume was over 1 billion. Our High-Grade Residential Area:Qian Xi Jia Fu developed in 2013 was more than 300 thousand square meters, and the total investment volume was 800 million.
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