Jurassic Park III (2001) Movie Review

jurassic park 3

This movie is in the hands of Joe Johnston, a director who tries for the first time to make a movie about dinosaurs. However, he counts with the help of Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni and Laura Dern in order to achieve better results. The movie is not bad at all but doesn’t deliver the same feeling as the first one. But if you are a fan of dinosaurs, this movie will be more than enough for you.


This movie focuses on a couple who’s in search of their son who got lost on this island when he was along with his stepfather, having a great trip on Sorna Island. But to do go in search of their son, they will have to ask for the help of an expert in dinosaurs and the island itself, and there’s no one better qualified for that task than Alan Grant (Sam Neill) the hero of the first movie and one of his helpers in that hostile and dangerous island.

The movie develops in a good way until they get to the island and everything starts going south – as usual. However, they are lucky enough to meet some new kinds of dinosaurs, the pterodactyls, the gigantic spinosaurus,  and the old friends T-Rex and Velociraptors.

New Species but the Same Dangers


The search of their disappeared son is the perfect excuse to make a trip to the wonderful jungle infested by dinosaurs and be amazed of the magnificent environment while we rediscover the new species that are haunting them.

These species are the best option that could have been made in order to impact the audience again, as special effects were already getting old and John Williams wasn’t part of this movie. The best thing about this movie is the adding of these two new species, the spinosaurus and the pterodactyls who were in the books by Crichton but failed to make it into the first two movies of the saga.

These dinosaurs are the protagonists of the most intense scenes throughout the movie, and even in the saga. With great special effects and the perfect illumination tricks, the movie holds the perfect credibility for the dinosaurs.

Of course, velociraptors are back with a new aspect and a little more intelligent than in the first two movies in order to make survivors run far more. Also, the screening of those gigantic herbivorous dinosaurs we are impressed again. But something is almost inevitable to forget about this movie, its bad humor and stupid scenes that make it a little annoying.

Are Funny Moments Necessary?

We all know that some humor can actually make everything a lot better, as for this movie, there’s no place for jokes when it comes to surviving dinosaurs. However, we can see how in other movies, especially the first one, there were some pretty witty and funny scenes that made us laugh – but in this movie everything goes backward.

funny scene from Jurassic Park 3

With scenes where the characters have to look for a phone within excrement from a dinosaur or the moment where they have to get urine from a T-Rex, it gets totally unnecessary and eventually very annoying. The worst part is when we find out that the helper who went with them caught a T-Rex egg and now it’s following them in search of what doesn’t belong to humans. Wasn’t all bad really, but eventually seems a little stupid as they kept the egg thought the rest of the movie for no real reason.

A Promising Final

Even though the movie has its mistakes, we can entirely enjoy a lot from this movie, especially when it comes to the final. Some people may not find the final as good as we think it is, but there’s no doubt that the way they ended this movie gives space for much more content and eventually more movies of this kind.

Marines got to the shore, dinosaurs got crazy, survivors were all saved and some pterodactyls flew off the island in search of more land. Is there anything else to say? The movie could have ended up much better, but we think that it gives enough place to a sequel and eventually much more content to make films. However, this didn’t happen, but we are still grateful that maybe it was for better.