Jurassic World (2015) – The Favorite Sequel

jurassic world 2015 movie

One of the biggest franchises in the world, the Jurassic Park saga written by Michael Crichton adapted to the big screen in 1993 thanks to Steven Spielberg has transformed the filmmaking world completely, especially when it comes to special effects. Now, 22 years after the first movie about this wonderful saga, we are able to enjoy one of the best revivals of a saga that changed the way we watch dino movies.

From the hands of Colin Trevorrow, a professional filmmaker that made his way through the amateur cinema with his great “Safety not Guaranteed” in 2012, now delivers a movie that will hook a lot of people just for having dinosaurs in it and being part of a wonderful saga started with Steven Spielberg. Actually, Spielberg himself picked Colin to be the next director of the saga, and everything went just as well as everyone was expecting.

A Special Revival

When Jurassic Park was first released in 1993 no one knew what to expect from a movie that would deliver something entirely new to the world. Dinosaurs were only a prehistoric myth, but then someone came up with the idea of giving them life in a movie, and how great it turned out to be!

As we know, Spielberg based his movie on the novel of the same name written by Michael Crichton, and everything he achieved was something totally unbelievable at the moment, something that changed filmmaking forever and even now, more than twenty years later, it is still remembered as one of the most incredible and top-grossing films of all times. Even so, the special effects that were used in that movie are still being praised for its realism and wonderful detail.

After the first released, the Jurassic Park saga had another release in 1997 called The Lost World who also made a great impact but wasn’t as good as the first one, also directed by Spielberg. Then, four years later, Jurassic Park III was released from the hands of Joe Johnston and still managed to make a great impact, even though it was the worst from the saga.

Now, twenty-two years later after the first one, we can enjoy from a Jurassic World who brings all the same dinosaurs and much more entertaining to the big screen. With a totally rebuilt Jurassic Park, that’s now working perfectly after being closed for all those years. Thousands of people are coming to the park now, and millions went to the cinema to see it – dinosaurs never get old!

Disney World with Dinosaurs

This wonderful park now boasts all kind of attractions and fun rides, from little zoos for kids to enjoy interacting with baby dinosaurs to a kind-of Sea World show in which the main attraction is a Mosasaurs devouring a great white shark. Just like a park out of Disney’s creations but with totally different themes.

Now, the park has a new owner, after the dead of John Hammond, Simon Masrani keeps the control of the park and follows the dreams of John of making a wonderful park for the whole family to enjoy from the oldest living creatures that had stepped on the earth. But there’s a part of the park that is not permitted to visitors, the creation one, where scientist experiment with the dinosaurs.

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Claire Dearing portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard is the chief of the island, she tries to maintain everything under control and every attraction working perfectly. However, she’s also responsible for the well-being of all employees and totally responsible for hiding one of the main secrets of the island, the creation of the scientist, a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex whose DNA is a mix of various species of dinosaurs which was created with aim of making a more intelligent and dangerous type of animal.

Where the Problems Begin

Everything seems under control in the park, it has the most innovative technology in order to avoid accidents. However, nobody is thinking about that great hybrid creation they have “jailed” and how it can be smarter and more dangerous than just anyone on the island. But this is something that Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) the velociraptor trainer has in his mind, he knows that something is out of place here…

Now, after everyone was preoccupied because the Indominus Rex escaped from its jail, Claire is mostly worried about her nephews Gray and Zach whom she invited to the park and gave VIP passes so they can have a better experience, but now they are lost and she has to find them. So, she will need the help of someone who knows the park, and there’s no one more capable of that than Grady.

Even though he knows something is out of place in the park, he actually has something else in his mind. Claire needs help from Grady, but something weird happens, as if they have dated before or something had happened between the two in the past, making everything a little awkward and more entertaining also. However, they end up in the same adventure looking for the hybrid beast and Grady’s nephews.

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Both Zach and Gray have already met the immense Indominus Rex by the time they are found by Claire and Owen. Zach, being the oldest had to make sure that his brother wouldn’t be harmed at all and to do this he would need to get away from his fear and protect his brother at all costs, however, he was lucky enough to eventually be repelled by the same hybrid and get away totally intact.

How They Movie Ended

After they are all safe and both Claire and Owen find them, the ultimate mission is to catch the Indominus Rex. To do this, Grady has a magic weapon that will help him to catch that dinosaur, his trained velociraptors, which were being trained by him but Vic Hoskins, played by Vincent D’Onofrio had something else in mind, using them for war.

But everything goes as planned, Owen finds a way to go along with the velociraptor in search of the Indominus Rex, but they are not enough to make the hybrid stop its streak, so the pair decides that there’s time to do something else – releasing the T-Rex.

At the end, the real hero of the movie ends up being the T-Rex that could hold the Indominus enough so Owen and Claire could give him an end and eventually save everyone – well, almost everyone on the island. At least her two nephews are totally ok!

What Can we Get Out of It

Sure enough, after 22 years, dinosaurs are still making a big impact when it comes to movies, especially if they are as well-made as these. However, it is almost impossible to make the same impact the first Jurassic Park made in 1993 without the technology today cinema boasts. Even so, the same style is still being used and with the fabulous John Williams score, this movie gives a perfect performance.

The screenplay of the movie is well-made, with lots of funny moments and very suspenseful ones, plus a little romance and lots of action that’s what we like the most in these movies. The cinematography, along with those special effects was awesome, without any mistakes made, the director ended up making a wonderful movie when it comes to visual aspects.

Definitely, Jurassic World was a total blast of fun. It accomplished its objective and eventually made a great impact 22 years later after the first release of this fabulous dinosaur saga. Trevorrow did a wonderful job with the movie, and even though there’s enough action and suspense in the movie, we get the feeling that there will also be another one later.

A movie that delivers what it was supposed to deliver – a very entertaining dinosaur flick!