The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Movie Review

jurassic park the lost world 1997

The first movie was released in 1993 from the hands of Steven Spielberg, making a before and an after in movie making. Now, four years after the first Jurassic Park movie, here it comes the second dinosaur movie called “The Lost World”, from the same hands that delivered the first one, due to the great success the first had and with the awesomely creative theme the movie managed to develop and portray so easily.

Plot and Synopsis

Four years after the disaster in the Jurassic Park located in the Nublar island, John Hammond tells Ian Malcolm that there’s also another island in which dinosaurs were being raised before being moved to Nublar island. Ian, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, accompanied by two experts will have to sail to Sorna island in order to save one scientist. However, this task was not easy at all, and plans started going south really soon…

Richard Attenborough or mostly known like John Hammond in the movies used to raise all dinosaurs in this island called Sorna. But after all problems that surged in the first movie, a group of scientist had to stay in Sorna and take care of all dinosaur problems that were happening in order to maintain order, but everything got out of their hands.

Ian Malcolm, one of the survivors from the first movie, is now looking for his girlfriend who was a scientist, now he finds out that she was part of the team that was missing is Sorna island, so he decides to go after her and save her. However, something that he didn’t know is that his daughter Kelly was coming with him as a stowaway just in time to make everything harder for the rescuing team.

About the Dinosaurs, Characters, and Scenes

The dinosaur catalog in this movie gets bigger and larger, with a lot of dinosaurs that have the lost world jurassic movie postertheir time on the screen and get to be seen in their whole magnificence. But the problem comes when the focus goes to the problems the characters are facing and the movie eventually turns out to be about the people and not the dinosaurs, making it a little more difficult to create a hook with the audience.

The scenes are much more credible than in the first one, especially those that happen at night and with rain. Even so, special effects got much better, making it a great science fiction movie that made an impact in the whole world. The only problem was the screenplay and the rhythm of the movie, failing to make the story more interesting and less difficult to follow.

Some scenes are just wonderful and actually remind us of the first movie. On the other hand, stereotypes get a little boring in this movie, where some characters start being really annoying and don’t really add anything to the movie in order to make it more interesting, especially when we talk about the bad ones.

But as a whole, this movie could have been a lot better. There are some scenes that eventually feel totally unnecessary while some characters also feel really out of place. The movie was not as immersive as the first one, as it focuses more on human interests and character’s issues, forgetting to develop outstanding visual stories and compelling dinosaur scenes.

What the Movie tries to Portray

The first movie focused on the problem of giving life again to those extinct species of the world, while The Lost World focuses on the extreme survival of the humans on the island. We can only see some little references to the theory of Heisenberg in a conversation with his partner, but after all, it doesn’t deliver anything interesting, it just goes as a movie about some people trying to flee an island infested by dinosaurs.

On the other hand, we can also be witnesses on some conversation the scientists have on the behavior and adaptability of the dinosaurs in the island, but all of this feels a little unnatural and forced, making it less compelling than expecting. Also, the John Williams soundtrack doesn’t help too much either, apart from the original Jurassic Park music.

What the Movie Ends Up Being

The Lost World happens to suffer from the same common mistakes most of the second parts of science fiction movies have – the shadow of the first movie is too large to cover. Even so, the characters are not as well-developed as in the first one, and the repetition of some formulas and similar scenes is not too great either, sometimes even boring.

But the movie is not bad – as we’ve said before. Even though some suspenseful scenes were not as well-managed as in the first one, Spielberg brought up a very entertaining movie that doesn’t fail to deliver a little from those beasts we like so much. The movie fails in its screenplay and character developing, sometimes making it difficult to the audience to stay tuned with the screen.

A great movie, but not as great as the dinosaurs in it that didn’t have the screening time they deserved.