About Us

Jurassic Park Terror

Are you curious about what it is that we do? To learn about us, we must first take a trip back to what started it all: Jurassic Park.

This was a profound film in many of our lives. It altered many of us in profound ways.

For some, it inspired a passion for paleontology that led to a career. Some were awestruck by the novel’s depth and the film’s groundbreaking special effects.

This inspired some to become authors or join the film industry. Many others found pathways to incorporate a passion for dinosaurs into their livelihoods.

In my case, I found a niche in building websites. I continually fill my free time with creating informative online content for other Jurassic Park fans and strive to provide a home for a community of dinosaur enthusiasts.

I launched Jurassic Park Terror, in the summer of 2004 as a small project since we have grown tremendously and have seen a resurgence with the release of new films and merchandise.

Our Roots

In September 2004 Jurassic Park Terror (JPT) began as a small forum. Over time we experimented with various free platforms before obtaining the domain. The goal was to build a community around Jurassic Park to stand the test of time.

Many sites had accumulated vast audiences only to die as their creators moved on. This trend continues to plague the community even today.

Fortunately, JPT survived through many ups and downs through a network of supporters who shared the same passion. The heart of the site was our forum.

Many of us grew up in the age of online expansion where we finally were able to interact with other dinosaur nerds. The site underwent various updates over the years as social media surged to the forefront of online communications.

Then, life got in the way. Unfortunately, there were times when this site was left dormant. This is where our community provides a path forward. The engaged audience helps us to deliver the kinds of articles that leave an impact.

Our Mission

Jurassic Park Terror has always sought to provide insight into all things relating to Jurassic Park and dinosaurs. Now we intend to expand this even further with more researched and more in-depth content.

A few topics we cover include:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Topics in Paleontology
  • Product Reviews and Dinosaur Resources

We want you to drive our content forward by making this community stronger. If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, paleontology, or dinosaurs in general, you have found a home with us.

How Can You Join Us?

Our site thrives only when our audience engages in shaping the experience. You can chat with us in the comment section of blog posts and become a part of the community.

Your feedback and commentary are necessary to improve the site going forward. Please share with us any way that we can make the experience on this site even better. Contact us to share your ideas.