how to clean fossils at home

How to Clean Fossils at Home: Beginners’ Guide

Congratulations, you’ve found a fossil! What are the next steps to ensure it lasts a long time in your collection? How can you make sure it looks the best for display? Before starting, it’s important to have a safe and well-equipped workspace. Once you have that, gather the necessary tools for cleaning and preparing your fossils. Lastly, consider how you … Read More

unique dinosaur gifts for adults

10 Unique Dinosaur Gifts for Adults

I get it. You have a dinosaur nerd like me that you’re trying to shop for and are overwhelmed by decision paralysis. This is why you’re here. We have multiple articles on this site featuring great dinosaur gifts that many people would enjoy, such as this list of 15 dinosaur books for adults. Maybe you’re creative and would prefer to … Read More

Best Dinosaur Books for Adults

15 of The Best Dinosaur Books For Adults

Are you looking for some of the best dinosaur books for adults? Whether for yourself or as a gift, books are an almost universal choice. Whether they are avid readers or not, most people will pick up a book about a subject that they find interesting. People tend to link dinosaurs with children. When it comes to dinosaur books for … Read More

dinosaur birthday party ideas

Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

All great parties need a theme. While most children like dinosaurs, some are completely obsessed. In another article, I explored why kids love dinosaurs. The mystery and scale of these extinct animals are fascinating to young minds. A dinosaur-themed birthday party is perfect for those kids who have dinosaurs on their brain. How do you plan for a party like … Read More

paleontology science project

A Few Great Paleontology Science Project Ideas

Science fairs are a great time to get your hands dirty, sometimes literally. Students who love dinosaurs may want to find a paleontology science project. Paleontologists have to be creative with how they plan and perform experiments. Since the subjects of their research are often no longer alive, they often create models, utilize modern analogs, or study their subjects indirectly. … Read More

fossil hunting guide

The Complete Fossil Hunting Guide for Beginners

For many budding paleontologists, both young and old, the idea of finding your first fossil goes something like this: a bright day, full of opportunity. You look down and, amazingly, something just happens to catch your eye. In the flash of a moment, you’ve discovered the newest species of dinosaur! Amateur fossil hunter, and rancher Kathy Wankel, made an incredible … Read More

dinosaur gifts for children

9 Awesome Dinosaur Gifts for Children

What do you buy a kid who loves dinosaurs? With the sheer volume of options, it can become overwhelming. Our guide will help you find the perfect gift for your child. In another article, we explain that children who love dinosaurs can benefit from this intense interest. As parents, teachers, and caretakers of kids, we can help foster their curiosity … Read More

are behemoth and leviathan dinosaurs

Are Behemoth and Leviathan Dinosaurs? [With Reasoning]

Are dinosaurs in the Bible? This question is fairly common. Many creationists cite the Book of Job, which describes two enormous creatures known as Behemoth and Leviathan. Are Behemoth and Leviathan dinosaurs? Through our knowledge of dinosaurs and geologic time, it is clear that they cannot be dinosaurs. Evidence points to these creatures either being modern animals or references to … Read More

careers in paleontology

A Complete Guide to Paleontology Careers

Are you looking for a rewarding career exploring ancient life? You are among the millions of people who are interested in paleontology careers. A fascination with extinct life often begins in childhood. Unfortunately, that fascination tends to fade over time. This could be due to the high barriers to entry including low salaries and limited job opportunities for paleontologists. It’s … Read More