9 Awesome Dinosaur Gifts for Children

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What do you buy a kid who loves dinosaurs? With the sheer volume of options, it can become overwhelming. Our guide will help you find the perfect gift for your child.

In another article, we explain that children who love dinosaurs can benefit from this intense interest. As parents, teachers, and caretakers of kids, we can help foster their curiosity for these incredible beasts of the past.

Here we share our list of some of the best dinosaur gifts for children that will feed the curiosity of that special child in your life. Of course, gifting can be complicated since everyone has different tastes.

Our list offers diversity in product choices that suit any child. So what are the best dinosaur gifts for children? Keep reading.

Best Dinosaur Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Dinosaur toys for children 3 years old and younger need to provide fun and educational ways for toddlers to experience dinosaurs for the first time. These toys need to have safety in mind to prevent accidents while playing. We have compiled our top dinosaur toys for 3-year-olds that exhibit these traits.

Prextex 15″ Giant Plush Dinosaur

This larger-than-life Tyrannosaurus stands at two feet tall, making it the size for your young dinosaur lover. The color and detail are fantastic for a toy in this price range.

Here are some reasons why we selected it specifically as one of the best dinosaur toys for children 3 to 5 years old.

This jumbo T. rex set is strongly recommended for toddlers. Not only do you get the massive T. rex, but you also receive 5 smaller dinosaurs.

It’s bigger than most stuffed animals but small enough that it’s still portable. At this size, it’s more difficult to store than other toys, which buyers should consider.

The inclusion of the smaller dinosaurs within expands this to a complete playset. The large Tyrannosaurus serves a dual purpose as a carrying case when children are done playing.

PREXTEX 15" T-rex Dinosaur Stuffed Animal Set w/ 4 Stuffed Dinosaur Plushies Toys Inside,Large Zippered Pouch Dinosaur for Boys&Girls,Stuffed Animals Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5,Colorful Dinosaur Plush

The portability of these toys will come in handy when you need to entertain your child for extended periods. It will also help prevent losing the smaller pieces which can often happen with toys like this.

Buyers will appreciate that these dinosaurs are built to last with high-quality, soft, washable fabric. The toys are very soft and safe for children. Overall, I think this package offers great quality for the money and should make any toddler very happy.

Dinosaur Set and Sound Book

Children can learn, listen, and play at the same time with this dinosaur toy set and sound book. This set allows children to learn about the dinosaur toys included.

Pressing the buttons on the board of the book reveals the names, pronunciations, and sounds of the corresponding toy dinosaurs. Though the information provided is only minimal, it can help educate younger dinosaur fans.

Why is this set one of the best toys for younger children? Children love interactive toys!

This dinosaur storybook is not your ordinary book. It features sound effects that complement the colorful assortment of dinosaur toys. Kids can learn about 12 different types of prehistoric animals by matching the toy to its counterpart in the book.

You may be wondering about the durability of this product. As Amazon reviews mention, it is sturdier than it looks.

Li'l-Gen Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5 - Interactive Dinosaur Sound Book w/Realistic Roars & 12 Large Dinosaur Toys (7") - Interactive Set of Dino Toys for Kids 3+, Toy Dinosaurs for Toddlers (No Mat)

The dinosaurs are bathtub-safe with exposed holes for water to enter. The tough plastic material is made of chemically-safe materials. Despite this, these may not be the best for rough play and long-term durability may suffer.

On top of all these features, the book offers a replaceable battery. Some books of this type stop working after the internal batteries go bad, so this is a welcomed feature. Overall, this product checks all the boxes for inclusion on this list.

Zokea 3D Dinosaur Night Light

This night light is truly stunning in a dark room. Children will be thrilled by the changing colors. This simple operation allows them to change the settings on their own.

The projection creates a 3D hologram of these dinosaurs. It’s surprisingly vivid for a product in this price range. How did this night light beat the competition?

Firstly, we must discuss the abundance of features. The included remote allows for changing colors, cycling between different dinosaurs, and controlling brightness. You can learn what settings you like and fine-tune this setup more than your average night light.

Additionally, the light offers three of the most popular dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus. If asked to name a favorite, most people would default to one of these popular dinosaurs.

This provides a bit of variety and makes this light more entertaining for long-term use. The option of sixteen stunning colors is a bonus! While the images provided on Amazon are not true to life, I think they’re sufficiently bright in person.

VSATEN 3D Dinosaur Night Light for Kids, 3D Illusion Lamp 3-Pattern & 16 Colors Change Decor Lamp with Remote Control & Smart Touch, Dinosaur Toys for 2 3 4 5 6+ Years Old

One downside of the product is that it does have a flimsy construction. It may not survive a drop off a table. Be careful when moving it around.

Luckily, the company offers a generous warranty. Some reviewers commented that they received defective units and quickly received replacements with no hassle. Overall, I think any child will love this night light.

Best Dinosaur Toys for 5-Year-Olds

Children begin to understand dinosaurs much better at this age and will transition into more complex toys. The challenge here is finding dinosaur toys to entertain kids five and older. These are the best dinosaur toys for kids aged 5 to 7.

Dinosaur World Racetrack

What do kids love more than dinosaurs and cars? This dinosaur-themed racetrack combines both. The set includes 144 racetrack pieces, 4 trees, 2 toy dinosaurs, 2 dinosaur cars, 2 slopes, 1 door, and 1 bridge.

The cars are AA battery-powered. Batteries are not included, so be prepared to raid your remote unless you remember to get some ahead of time.

The track can be customized in a variety of paths. I can be combined with other race tracks sold by this seller for endless possibilities.

So how did this race track make the list? Firstly, it encourages a child’s creative and strategic developmental abilities. Kids may develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by playing with these types of toys regularly.

Dinosaur Toys,Create A Dinosaur World Road Race,Flexible Track Playset and 2 pcs Cool Dinosaur car for 3 4 5 6 Year & Up Old boy Girls Best Gift

I also love the fact that it offers multiple ways to play depending on how the track is set up. The simple assembly of the track makes this dinosaur gift ideal for children in the 5 to 7 age range. The construction alone will keep them busy and it adds replay value.

As mentioned earlier, these cars require batteries and some have said that they tend to drain fast. You will need to have spare batteries on hand. Invest in some rechargeable batteries and this gift set will provide hours of continuous fun for you and your child.

Dinosaur Toys Play Mat

Kids can build a dinosaur park with this interactive activity mat and figure kit. The mat is a great size for 2 to 3 children. This set offers great value for the price.

The set comes complete with a dinosaur park rug, 10 prehistoric animal figurines, 6 trees, a booklet, and a carrying container so that you don’t lose these accessories. This dinosaur gift promises to keep even the most active child entertained.

The carrying box is child-sized, making it easy to carry along in the car. The dinosaur figures are more detailed than many other toys for children.

Do consider that there are sharp edges, which is primarily why it’s recommended for older children than the plush products described earlier in the article.

Dinosaur Toys with Dinosaur Figures, Activity Play Mat & Trees for Creating a Dino World Including T-Rex, Triceratops, etc, Perfect Dinosaur Playset for 3,4,5,6 Years Old Kids, Boys & Girls

When shopping for gifts for children, the most important aspect is safety. The PVC material used in these figures is non-toxic. It’s important to check for this when buying toys.

Children can learn about 10 different prehistoric creatures included in the set using an included booklet. The included dinosaur toys and guidebook make this an excellent value for the price. This set pairs well with other toys that children may already have or may acquire later.

5-Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set

Surprise your children with these extra-large dinosaurs! These stunning figures will likely tower over other toys in their collections.

This set of soft dinosaur toys includes 5 popular dinosaurs: Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Triceratops. The set provides the names of the dinosaurs on the foot of each animal for reference.

Over a foot in length, these jumbo action figures are a great size for children ages 5 to 7. Children will love how these figures are bigger than most dinosaur action figures of this style.

Boley 5 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Set - Kids, Children, Toddlers Highly Detailed, Realistic Toy Set for Dinosaur Lovers - Perfect for Party Favors, Birthday Gifts, and More

The soft and squishy plastic material is ideal for safety and comfort. This is a tradeoff, as these toys lack the detail of some of the earlier ones from this article. Nonetheless, I doubt any kids would complain about these giant beasts.

The one major downside is that this set does not come with any accessories for the dinosaur toys. You could incorporate some toys from other sets to extend playability as mentioned earlier. Overall, these are a great way to add some variety to a toy collection.

Best Dinosaur Toys for 7-Year-Olds

Children become much harder to entertain after the age of 7. So what must you consider when picking dinosaur gifts for older kids?

The best dinosaur toys for seven-year-olds and up will encourage new ways to play that allow kids to continue to learn while still providing plenty of fun. Of course, all dinosaur gifts recommended for younger children may still make good pick-ups for older kids as well.

In short, these dinosaur gifts offer more bells and whistles than the more simplistic toys discussed so far. Here are my recommendations for dinosaur toys for 7-year-olds.

Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Aspiring paleontologists will gravitate to this fantastic dinosaur fossil excavation kit. With 15 different fossils to unearth, a satchel for storage, various tools of the trade, and an accompanying guidebook, this kit is sure to nurture their love for science.

What makes it one of the best dinosaur gifts for children 7 years old and older? At this age, children are developing a more advanced understanding of science. This gift will challenge them to take their interest further by excavating fossils as a paleontologist would do.

Children can uncover a variety of authentic fossil keepsakes. The included satchel will allow them to store this collection of fossils.

The fact that each kit is unique makes this gift very special and adds to its appeal. You could buy additional kits in the future containing different fossils.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit - Excavate 15 Genuine Prehistoric Fossils, Kids Educational Toys, Great Science Kit Gift for Girls and Boys (Amazon Exclusive)

If your child wants to become a paleontologist, this interactive gift is a perfect choice. Learning while having fun is always a win-win.

Be aware that this experiment is messy. Children under the age of 7 should not use this without supervision. It requires the use of a mallet and contains small parts.

TEMI Remote Control Dinosaur

This robotic T. rex toy represents one of the best on the market. It’s more affordable than many high-end dinosaur robots while still using quality recycled and child-safe materials.

The lights and sounds make this dinosaur more interesting than many other toys. The vibrant paint and menacing look add to the appeal. Do note that some reviewers mentioned that the toy can be scary for younger children.

The included 2.4 GHz remote control allows kids to move the dinosaur at 50 meters without interference. This range is significant compared to other robotic dinosaurs that searchers may come across while shopping.

TEMI Remote Control Dinosaur Toys for Kids Boys 3 4 5 6 7 8 Years, Rechargeable Electric Walking T-rex, Realistic Tyrannosaurus Dino Robot with Light & Sounds, Birthday Gift

The box includes a rechargeable battery with cable. With a two-hour battery life while active, this toy should have plenty of juice to get through most days of play before being topped off.

This robot is sure to delight most children. Bear in mind that it may be too scary for younger ones. Additionally, the remote control operation may be too complicated for kids under 7.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

The final product on this list is one of the best dinosaur books for children. I fondly remember my DK dinosaur book that I read over and over growing up. This book is the next iteration.

At 304 pages, this book covers a wide range of topics. Indeed, it’s too advanced for younger children to grasp, which is why it’s suggested for children 7 and older. Reading books like this can greatly improve a child’s affinity for science.

The drawings included are stunningly detailed. This helps visual learners grasp some of the more complex topics covered in the book. It makes a great reference book for any child who has outgrown many other childhood books.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia

Have you outgrown your dinosaur books too? We have another article covering 15 of the Best dinosaur books for adults that you may be interested in next. You could end up with a few gifts for yourself.

This gift makes a perfect addition to a young dinosaur lover’s shelf. It may just be the most important book for several years to come. Just be prepared to learn a bit about dinosaurs from a happy child.

Why Dinosaur Gifts for Children Are Special

By giving our children the tools to explore their imaginations, we open their minds to a world of possibilities. New research suggests that children who love dinosaurs grow up smarter than their peers. We covered this in our article on why kids love dinosaurs. Check out the website Psychology Spot to learn how a dinosaur gift may benefit your child’s education.

If you’re interested in unique dinosaur gifts for adults, we have you covered.

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments if you purchase any of these gifts. If you find this content useful, please share it with your friends.

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