why were dinosaurs discovered so late

Why Were Dinosaurs Discovered So Late?

Most of us know that humans and dinosaurs did not coexist. So when did people first know about dinosaurs? 2024 marks 200 years since the first dinosaur was described. That sounds kind of late given how long our species has been around. Why were dinosaurs discovered so late? Dinosaurs were first scientifically recognized in the early 19th century. William Buckland … Continue Reading

how long does it take for fossils to form

How Long Does it Take for Fossils to Form?

The fossilization process is a remarkable phenomenon. It allows us to study the forms of life that inhabited our planet millions, and even billions, of years ago. From the smallest microorganisms to the mightiest dinosaurs, fossils offer an unparalleled glimpse into the past, preserving the intricate details of ancient creatures and ecosystems. The oldest fossils are around 4 billion years … Continue Reading

did dinosaurs lay eggs

Did Dinosaurs Lay Eggs and How Do We Know?

Which came first, the dinosaur or the egg? The answer is, of course, the egg. The hard-shelled eggs we know today first evolved around 312 million years ago! Did dinosaurs lay eggs? Dinosaurs did not first appear until 230-240 million years ago. How do we know that dinosaurs laid eggs? How could something so big take care of something so … Continue Reading

did dinosaurs have two brains

Did Dinosaurs Have Two Brains?

In the movie Pacific Rim, massive monsters called kaiju are completely different from any animals on Earth. One scientist studying these monsters describes them by saying, “The kaiju are so large they need two brains to move around, like a dinosaur.” Say what? You may have heard this dinosaur ‘fact’ before in books or movies. Did dinosaurs have two brains? … Continue Reading

are fossils worth money

Are Fossils Worth Money and Should You Sell Them?

Amateur and professional paleontologists alike are bound to own a fossil or two in their lifetime. Some people stop there while others create huge collections.  Some fossils in private collections might be personally collected by the owner, but a lot of the time these fossils were bought and sold. Who decides who can sell fossils and how much they should … Continue Reading

Why is the Geologic Time Scale Important

Why is the Geologic Time Scale Important?

The geologic time scale, sometimes called the GTS, is a standard representation of time. It goes back to the earliest evidence of Earth’s creation and describes up to the modern day.  It is divided into smaller units of time called eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages. These stack inside each other to form the entire scale.  Why do we have … Continue Reading

how to clean fossils at home

How to Clean Fossils at Home: Beginners’ Guide

Congratulations, you’ve found a fossil! What are the next steps to ensure it lasts a long time in your collection? How can you make sure it looks the best for display? Before starting, it’s important to have a safe and well-equipped workspace. Once you have that, gather the necessary tools for cleaning and preparing your fossils. Lastly, consider how you … Continue Reading

dinosaur birthday party ideas

Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

All great parties need a theme. While most children like dinosaurs, some are completely obsessed. In another article, I explored why kids love dinosaurs. The mystery and scale of these extinct animals are fascinating to young minds. A dinosaur-themed birthday party is perfect for those kids who have dinosaurs on their brain. How do you plan for a party like … Continue Reading