Best Dinosaur Books for Adults

15 of The Best Dinosaur Books For Adults

Are you looking for some of the best dinosaur books for adults? Whether for yourself or as a gift, books are an almost universal choice. Whether they are avid readers or not, most people will pick up a book about a subject that they find interesting. People tend to link dinosaurs with children. When it comes to dinosaur books for … Read More

Can Dinosaurs be Resurrected

Can Dinosaurs be Resurrected?

We have all wondered this since our childhood: can dinosaurs be resurrected? As much as technology has advanced, the possibility does not seem so far-fetched. Is it possible to bring back the dinosaurs? The popular notion of dinosaur resurrection through DNA recovery is now known to be impossible. DNA degrades rapidly over time and the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct 66 … Read More

How Do Scientists Determine the Age of Fossils

How Do Scientists Determine the Age of Fossils?

When reading about dinosaurs or visiting a museum you may have wondered: how do scientists determine the age of fossils? Are they millions of years old? How do scientists know that, for example, Tyrannosaurus rex lived about 66 million years ago? Are these estimates verifiable? So, how do scientists determine the age of a fossil? Scientists use two general techniques … Read More

Are Dinosaur Bones in Museums Real

Are Dinosaur Bones in Museums Real?

One of the most famous Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons, “Stan” the T. rex, may also be the most well-traveled T. rex. At the moment, he currently resides in Texas, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., Kansas, Wyoming, Indiana, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, and even Tokyo, Japan. There’s only one Stan, so how can he be in so many places at once? The answer … Read More

Why Are Fossils Found in Sedimentary Rock

Why Are Fossils Found in Sedimentary Rock?

Most readers will likely be familiar with the three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Many readers may not realize, however, that fossils only come from sedimentary rocks. Why are fossils found in sedimentary rock? Fossils are found in sedimentary rock because the conditions of sedimentary rock formation are crucial to fossilization, as igneous and metamorphic rock formation would … Read More

How do Fossils Provide Evidence for Evolution

How Do Fossils Provide Evidence For Evolution?

Evolution is one of the most important theories in modern science. It provides a framework for understanding where modern species came from, including our own. Evolution teaches scientists how to understand trends in biodiversity, genetics, and Earth’s history. Further, evolution provides insights into such disparate topics as endangered species conservation, vaccine development, and antibiotic, pesticide, and herbicide resistance. How do … Read More

what's the difference between paleontology and archaeology

Paleontology vs. Archaeology [Detailed Comparison]

As a child, I often annoyed everyone around me talking about dinosaurs nonstop. Honestly, I still do this. However, one thing always annoyed me too. Why did everyone think that I wanted to be an archaeologist? What’s the difference between paleontology and archaeology? Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life through fossils while archaeology is the study of ancient humans … Read More

Do Dinosaurs Have Common Names

Do Dinosaurs Have Common Names?

Dinosaur names are notoriously difficult to say. We all know the most popular ones because they’re prevalent in pop culture. Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus are no more difficult to say than Elephant; how many people can pronounce, much less, spell Tuojiangosaurus? Do dinosaurs have common names? Dinosaur names are often hard to pronounce because their scientific names are derived from … Read More

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous – Show Breakdown

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous was long overdue. There have been numerous Jurassic Park shows planned since the first film debuted in 1993. In 2020, we finally got our show and it was worth the wait. While the announcement was met with skepticism, critics, and fans tend to agree that this show outperformed their expectations. While it is not without fault, … Read More

dinosaur birthday party ideas

Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

All great parties need a theme. While most children like dinosaurs, some are completely obsessed. In another article, I explored why kids love dinosaurs. The mystery and scale of these extinct animals are fascinating to young minds. A dinosaur-themed birthday party is perfect for those kids who have dinosaurs on their brain. How do you plan for a party like … Read More